Live Simply


Is what we need the same as what we want? Do we selfishly protect what we need and want, fearful others may destroy it or take it from us?
Every person on the planet has the same basic needs. The reality is, many people in our world don’t have what they need to survive in the way of food, clean water, medical care, clothing and housing. For those of us who have been fortunate to have all these things, the question arises: what can we do so that others can have a better life? Should we protect the things we believe we need and not concern ourselves with anyone else’s needs?
This story explores these issues. But are the solutions far more complex than us trying to live more simply, as Gandhi suggested. Perhaps if we focussed upon working together, and trust that everything has a meaning and purpose, then we might not need to be as selfish or fearful of others, who share this beautiful planet with us.


Short story PDF with 7 A4 printable pages, colour cover and limited colour images on other pages. Suitable for all age groups exploring themes related to sustainability and permaculture. Peace-building ideas page included.