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The work of Dr Jane Goodall, that began on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in 1960, has led to the development of new understandings about chimpanzees. Dr Goodall learned, after continuous study for 46 years, these ‘ambassadors from the animal kingdom to the world of humans’ have a complex society, a physiology very similar to ours and can communicate with each other. But most importantly, these amazing animals are highly intelligent and can understand the moods and needs of others. But what else can we learn from these amazing animals?

March 2016.



Short story PDF with 5 printable pages, colour cover and limited colour images on other pages. Suitable for all age groups (preferably older than 7 years due to violence references) exploring themes related to chimpanzee conservation and the work of Dr Jane Goodall and Campbell Whalley. Alternative endings presented for exploration.