Thank you for wanting to know more about peace-building stories.

We suggest that you first explore the free sample stories- Donald the Drake, Where’s Willy Whalley and Amir and the Twenty Sheep. If these stories resonate with your peace-building mind and heart then you might want to share them with others (ie children, family, friends).

Please consider reading other stories as they can also be downloaded and printed.

The stories present simple but universal understandings exploring personal development, positive relationships, sustainability, the purpose of life, hope and peace and many more peace-building ideas. The idea behind their presentation is to promote discussion and exploration in relation to the relevant life issues that unfold every day and impact upon every aspect of our existence. The stories endeavor to support open and responsible interactions and discussions by engaging and respecting different opinions and possibilities. The stories hopefully will get you and the children and young people in your lives thinking about peace-building possibilities. There is no political or religious association intended.

Articles about Peace-building Stories

Connecting Children and Young People to Peace-building Stories

Nel Noddings- Peace-building with Care and Compassion

Please refer to the disclaimer. Please use the stories and story guide in any appropriate, constructive and positive peace-building context. Perhaps you are a mother or grandparent wishing to have positive, uplifting bedtime stories to share with your children or grandchildren. You might be a father or youth worker who wants to develop positive attitudes in relation to care and compassion and helping them appreciate other’s opinions and rights. Classroom teachers might choose to use the stories for discussion in relation to personal, environmental or ethical issues. Certain stories might highlight relevant issues that you personally are presently exploring in relation to your own personal development or are concerned about in relation to world events.

Some stories will inherently promote discussion with others in your world whether they are adults or children. Other stories will have ideas accompanying them that might help stimulate thinking and sharing of opinions and ideas. Please allow your imagination to be seeded by the varying themes!

But please respect international copyright laws as all Brown Mouse Publishing products

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