Stories that can open hearts & minds

Brown Mouse PublishingWelcome to Brown Mouse Publishing.

We are an Internet based publishing company that presents stories for all age groups to share together. Stories can be downloaded in PDF format and printed.

We feature peace-building stories that can open hearts and minds –

  • to share with children, families and friends
  • of hope and peace with happy endings to enlighten, inspire and uplift spirits
  • promoting creative problem solving

Each month new stories will become available. We hope you become a regular visitor to this website.

A new story – Caring Nel – is now uploaded. This story honours the teachings of Professor Nel Noddings.

Download the free Story Guide – Opening Hearts Opening Minds

Are you troubled by the present world situation? Perhaps sharing the free story Donald the Drake with a friend, child or family member might help you both smile, even find peace….and keep the faith that all will be well.

Pass it on by email because even in those few moments you will be sharing the gift of peace.

The story was inspired by those peace-builders who hold peace in their hearts.

The other free stories are Amir and the Twenty Sheep and  Where’s Willy Whalley.

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Share our stories and help build a peace-building consciousness.